Foundation Phase

The school has a  foundation phase, which runs from grade PR to grade 3. The following is the curriculum for the Foundation Phase:

Languages (English and Afrikaans)

Reading and viewing
Language structure and us

Social Science – History

Historical enquiry
Historical knowledge and understanding
Historical interpretation

Natural Sciences

Investigate and solve problems in scientific and environmental contexts
Interpret and apply scientific, technological and environmental knowledge
Relationships between science, technology, society and environment

Economic and Management Sciences

Economic cycle
Sustainable growth and developlment
Managerial, consumer and financial knowledge and skills
Entrepreneurial knowledge an skills

Life Orientation

Health promotion
Social development
Personal development
Physical development and movement


Numbers, operations and relationships
Patterns, functions and algebra
Space and shape (Geometry)
Data handling

Social Science – Geography

Geographical enquiry
Geographical knowledge and understanding
Exploring issues

Arts and Culture

Creating, interpreting and presenting
Participation and collaboration
Expression and communication


Technological processes and skills
Technological knowledge and understanding
Technology, society and the environment