There are two grades in the Pre-Primary Phase:

Gr. PR (Pre-Reception) for children aged 4 – 5 years. (One class)

Gr. R (Reception) for children aged 5 – 6 years. ( Four classes)


Gr. PR – 07:30 – 12:00
Gr. R – 07:30 – 12:15


Aftercare facilities are available from 12:00 to 17:30. This also includes a waiting class until 14:00 for children with older brothers or sisters or those whose parents cannot fetch them at 12:00.


We have spacious, clean, well equipped classrooms and a wonderful playground with specially designed apparatus which allows our learners to develop both physically and mentally. Our Pre-Primary area is well fenced and provides a safe, secure space for our little ones. Our close proximity to the Grade 1 classrooms means that the transition to “Big School” is a very easy one for our Grade R learners as they are familiar with the environment.


The Grade PR class follows a less formal daily routine than the Grade R classes. The Grade R classes follow the syllabus laid down by the Department of Education.

The following learning areas are covered:

  • Home Language (English)
  • Mathematics
  • Life Skills
  • Beginning Knowledge and Health (Covered in weekly themes)
  • Creative Arts
    • Performing Arts (includes Drama and Music)
    • Visual Arts (Painting, Drawing, etc.)
  • Physical Education
  • Computers