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START THE RAT RACE Recently, the Grade 8 Orientation afternoon took place. As per usual, it was a fun filled occasion where the Grade 8s got to know each other, their teachers and the prefects, by playing a multitude of games that encouraged team work. The Rat Games were organised by Mrs Muller, who was [...]

2018 Matric Results

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2018 Matric Results The matrics of Beaconhurst High School have once again risen above all the odds and produced excellent results in 2018. Beaconhurst is proud of the following matriculants who placed in the top 3 of their class at the end of the year: Jarryd Geyer, with an aggregate of 85% (6 distinctions), Kian [...]

A new member to the Beaconhurst Family

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A new member to the Beaconhurst Family. In term 4 of 2018, Beaconhurst High School welcomed Mr Brendan Craig Cloete to the Beaconhurst family, as Deputy Principal. Mr Cloete attended Dale Junior from grade 1-7, and then Dale College from grade 8-12. After completing his studies, Mr Cloete taught numerous subjects, and was the HOD [...]

A sad goodbye

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A Sad Goodbye. It came as a major shock to the Beaconhurst learners on the first day of the new school year to realise that Mrs Hannelie Jordaan had left Beaconhurst High School to pursue a new venture at the Department of Education as the subject advisor for CAT and IT. She is excited for [...]

Prefect Induction

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PREFECT INDUCTION Beaconhurst High School recently bid farewell to the prefects of 2018 and inducted the 2019 prefect body. Through hard work and determination these learners achieved this leadership position and will officially commence with their duties of leading the school in the new year. 2019 Prefect Body: Matthew Busse Damian Foreman Danielle Jackson Morgan [...]

Mr. Simms

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Mr. Simms, after being nominated for the best teacher in the province by the SG of the Eastern Cape, was honoured with a Gold Award from the Department of Education in Port Elizabeth during the school holidays. He received numerous other awards and placed 4th in the country for the National Teacher's Award.


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Trailblazer Beaconhurst's own Dr. Nompumelelo Kapa Sigcau made headlines with her recently awarded PhD - the first in the university’s 102-year history to be written in Xhosa. The school is very proud to have such a trailblazer as part of the Beaconhurst family. Congratulations Dr. Kapa Sigcau.

Jersey Week

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Jersey Week   A few of the Early Act Board members joined Mrs van der Watt in taking all the warm clothes collected during Jersey Week to the Cambridge Catholic Centre. While there they were shown around the operation by Mrs Lynn Grenfell of the Rotary Club. She explained the sorting process and where all [...]

Supporter’s Ball

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A Night behind the Mask.   Weeks of preparation, heated discussions, and arguments about the elements of our dance produced an extremely successful supporter’s ball. The Grade 10's worked hard on raising capital by hosting a well-supported car wash at break for the teachers’ cars. Set up took what felt like forever, but decor on [...]

Matric Farewell

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A night to remember “Morocco” was the theme for the 2018 Matric Farewell. With its rich colours and phenomenal décor, it couldn’t have been more perfect. The Matrics arrived at “The Summit Lifestyle and Event Centre”, where the farewell was held, and brought traffic to a standstill, literally. As they slowly trickled in, we completely [...]