Talent Search:  Computer Olympiad


Our Beaconhurst learners took part in a Computer Olympiad earlier this year and we received 90 certificates from the National Computer Olympiad institution.

The grade 8 and 9 learners took part in the online Olympiad, where they had to enter the answers directly online and were assessed online.


5 of these Certificates were Gold Awards (these students are amongst the top 7% in the country) Congratulations to:  Gabrielle Hattingh, Caitlyn Geyser, Caitlin Enslin, Bradley Purdon and Keagan Velde with this excellent achievement.

15 are Silver Awards (these students are in the top 20% of the country)

70 are Bronze Awards (these students did better than 50% of all participants countrywide)


We are very proud of these learners and are looking forward to see how they perform in the Computer Applications Olympiad that is taking place in May this year.