67 minutes is all it takes to make a significant difference in your immediate community. A few of the Prefects and the Interact Club at Beaconhurst High School have grasped this concept and participated in the Stop Hunger NOW campaign hosted at Hemmingways Mall on 10 July. This was a part of the group’s efforts to take part in Mandela Day – a day celebrated nationally and encourages South Africans to take the time to help other citizens in any way they can and bring about positive change. The day was grouped into time slots, ranging from early morning until after 5 PM. Volunteers were entertained with a live band and a very comical host. Competition was the name of the game, as teams were challenged to see who could pack the most food parcels. All in all, it was a most enjoyable experience and Beaconhurst thanks those who were involved in this great event!