Sporting Activities

At Beaconhurst we offer a variety of sporting activities for Summer and Winter. We encourage our learners to take part in at least one summer and winter sport. There are many awards that learners can receive for their involvement in sporting activities, for example a sport badge, a scroll or many other awards.

Sports Badges

A learner is awarded a sport badge after they have played in 3 or more matches and regularly attended practice.


A learner in Grade 8 – 12 can receive an award for a sports scroll. The learner receives this awards only when they have played in at least 8 matches and have regularly attended practices. The scroll is sewn onto the learner’s blazer as the sport that they have excelled in for example the scroll will read: rugby, tennis, swimming, etc. Learners may only have their scroll sewn on once they have passed Grade 9.

Half Colours

To qualify for half colours, the learner must meet the following requirements:

The learner has satisfied all the conditions for a team award


the learner has had a meritorious season (outstanding season but not colours standard).


The learner has represented Border in an u/16, u/18, u/19 Development or B/C team

Full Colours

A full colours award may be given to a learner who:

Had a meritorious season


has achieved accepted Open Schools Provincial Standards in sport


Has recorded times/points required

Has satisfied conditions for a team award


Team Award must be made subject to the approval of the Colours Committee for exceptional achievement in a sport offered by the School Equivalent to the Senior Provincial or National Open Schools Standards

Representation in a Senior Provincial Team i.e. Border men’s/woman’s OR an Open National Schools team e.g. SA schools or an top level performances at provincial schools level e.g. graded in the top ten at open schools squad in South Africa