Surfs Up

By Qhawekazi Mazaleni


The 2019 Surfers Discovery Marathon could be described as an event which requires endurance, perseverance and determination. The Beaconhurst Interact and Land Service clubs devoted themselves to congratulating and helping the finishers.

Several Beaconhurst students and teachers participated in the 5km, 10km and 17km marathons. Our scholars were tasked with collecting tags from participants as they crossed the finish line. This was done with extreme eagerness. The marathon participants were met at the finish line by gleeful and dancing volunteers who cheered them on.

The Discovery Surfers Marathon is an annual event calling athletes from throughout East London and surrounding regions. This was a great opportunity for the students enjoy a change in scenery and be exposed to real life examples of what it truly means to persevere. This is an affair that the students are looking forward to being involved in next year.