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Jersey Week

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Jersey Week   A few of the Early Act Board members joined Mrs van der Watt in taking all the warm clothes collected during Jersey Week to the Cambridge Catholic Centre. While there they were shown around the operation by Mrs Lynn Grenfell of the Rotary Club. She explained the sorting process and where all [...]

CHOC Visit

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Early Act CHOC House visit On Friday 1 and 15 September, the learners from Early Act visited the CHOC house in Beacon Bay. They were given a tour of the house and shown the facilities. They also had the opportunity to learn about what CHOC does and how the house assists children with cancer and [...]

Pet Pals

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The Beaconhurst Early Act club had a wonderful time delivering detonations of food collected at school to East London Pet Pals and learnt more about what this organisation does for our community.  

Pet Food Collection

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Beaconhurst thanks Keira Freitag in Grade 1, as well all the other learners and members of the Beaconhurst community for their very generous donations of dog and cat food as part of Beaconhurst’s Early Act drive for animals in need. Photo: Teacher, Angelique Ferrezuelo, with grade 1 learner, Keira Freitag.