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Reaching Out

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Reaching out Beaconhurst High School Interactors, supported by the Land Service group, reached out to the children at Glen Stella by making contributions of food, books and toys. Larné Robus introduced the group to the home and gave a bit of information on the history of the home. It was an afternoon of interaction through [...]

Land Service Ambassador

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Land Service Ambassador Congratulations to Garreth Hewitt for receiving his Springbok colours and ambassador’s blazer for Land Service.

Land Service Camp

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Land Service Camp The Beaconhurst High School Land Service club recently held a weekend camp on the 25th to 26th of February 2017 at the Caravan Park in Chintsa West, which only dedicated, motivated and active members attended. Members hiked from Haga-Haga to Chinsta West along the 21km beach trial on Saturday morning. Throughout the [...]

Fear Factor

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“Participate if you dare” and Beaconhurst students dared. The Interact Club had its annual Fear    Factor event on the  17th of February 2017. Many students participated in the stomach-churning, disgusting and nauseating  challenges which were chosen by Interact and Land Service members. These included  eating raw foods, fishing for marbles with your toes in ice [...]