Valentines Day Fundraising 2016

The Grade 11’s of 2016 had to pull-out all the stops to complete all the necessary arrangements for their annual Valentine’s Day fundraiser. Valentine’s goodies had to be packed and distributed. Orders had to be taken and the finished goods had to be delivered to the right classrooms. Cupcakes, doughnuts, marshmallow sticks and lollipop cakes were sold. A Miss Valentine competition was held and learners could vote for their favourite nominee.

The winner will be announced at the Valentines dance that Saturday night. The matrics enjoyed the ‘slave auction’ that was held during break. The grade 11’s were ‘auctioned off’ at a certain price and the buyer will have his/her own personal assistant for the day. All the money raised will go towards their matric farewell next year.

Our Grade 11’s truly worked hard this year. Thank you to everyone who supported the fundraiser and to Ms Bosshof who was in charge of the Valentine Committee.