Water Fun

Our annual gala took place on Friday the 19th of January. It was a day filled with laughter, fun and giant water balloons. Although we didn’t have a very sunny day, East London’s heat sure made the pool a place to be. The matrics celebrated their final gala of their school career in “Hula” style, wearing their summer outfits, consisting of lei’s, boardshorts, tank tops and the traditional Hawaiian hula skirts, the pau.

With the rest of the school targets for the matrics water balloons, no one was left dry. Those lucky enough to dodge the water bombs flying through the air were constantly sprayed by the matrics with water guns. After 2 hours of singing, dancing and constant swimming, we had our winners. Avalon (Blue house) coming in first place with 291 points, Rustic (Red house) coming in second with 170 points and Hillcrest (Yellow house) coming third with 126 points.

The day was not only enjoyed by those who could swim well, but many took part and walked to the other end of the pool. There was a beautiful display by a team of matric girls who all decided to walk to the opposite end of the pool together. “We either win together, or loose together”, and so it was a fun filled day for all.

-Aimee’ Goodall