Beaconhurst School


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1. At Beaconhurst School we base our education on a Christian foundation. 

2. We subscribe to a Code of Conduct that is fair, impartial, consistent and caring. This code is essential to our learning environment and developing a sense of self-discipline in every learner. 

3. This school and its educators are preparing the children for further studies; equipping them with emotional skills; developing marketable skills and building self-confidence to allow them to face the future. 

4. We strive to instill in each member of the school, pride in the family, pride in the school and pride in the community. 

5. We recognize the strong partnership between parents and educators. 

6. The learners are guided and encouraged to be self-motivated, positive and happy people.  An attitude we trust they find in their teachers and in their parents. 

7. The value of a truthful and honest approach is always encouraged. 

8. We are fully aware of the power of creativity and thus strive to create avenues for creative thought and expression. 

9. We are committed to providing a wide learning experience to span academic, cultural, social, sporting and leadership areas and skills. 

10. We strive to promote respect for other languages. 

11. Evaluation of learners is done on a daily basis and is far wider than mere marks for a set test. This wide evaluation provides us with valuable information to advise parents on the progress of learners within our educational system