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Life at Beaconhurst


Value Beacons

To ensure the learners and staff experience a caring, secure and disciplined environment

To maintain a high standard of education

To develop the self image and social skills of the learners

To provide quality sporting opportunities for learners

To expose our learners to a variety of cultural activities that will enrich their lives

To constantly upgrade the school resources through effective planning and responsible management.

What our learners say

I have been at this school for my whole school career and would never dream of ever moving.   Beaconhurst is my second family.
Grade 10 Learner, 2013
Beaconhurst is my family away from home.  Nothing can replace the AWESOME memories I have of my school career.  Beaconhurst is the perfect school for anyone who is dedicated and a hard worker. I love MY school!
Beaconhurst Learner, Grade 9
Beaconhurst is definitely a great choice, if you want quality education and the comfort of a loving home and family!
Lizelle Crossman, 2013